Salvation Army’s new Turk Street Center

sa-basketball2Photograph by Tim Griffith

The center also serves the community by providing access to a well equipped indoor gymnasium, shown above, which allows neighborhood youth to play basketball and soccer both day and night and includes a program for nightime basketball.

The Regupol Everlast flooring has a resilient low-vinyl content composed of post-consumer tire rubber, pre and post-consumer Nike Grind, and ColorMill EPDM. This flooring has excellent force reduction and ball rebound; the materials are bound together using a polyurethane pre-polymer. The entire product line is produced using a low embodied energy manufacturing process that requires minimal water, avoids heat, and reuses in-line scrap to decrease waste. The result is durable, environmentally savvy sports surfacing that passes the most stringent tests for indoor air quality, low-VOC emissions, and is recyclable.

Although buried deep in the building’s ground floor above the parking garage and below the courtyard, the gym is fully daylighted via a series of skylights that pop through a third floor courtyard. It is thereby naturally lit by the sun, greatly reducing energy consumption.

Non-public parking for 33 cars is also below grade.

Next to the gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool–the only public pool in the area–has walls of glass-tile mosaic and a wavy fabric ceiling stretched over acoustical insulation.

l1030770-13Photograph by David Pham

A chapel on the first floor with an arched ceiling is screened from the busy street beyond by a custom- designed, patterned window-glass which incorporates the Salvation Army Cross.

Other amenities, indicated on the floor plans, include four activity rooms, library, computer lab, a fitness center, and on the floor above it, a dance studio.



Atop the third floor is an open courtyard accessible to residents and to community members at different times of the day.  The monitors that daylight the below-grade gym are located between the planters. A climbing wall covers one wall of the box housing mechanical equipment


11 Responses

  1. Nice building. Thank you, web tasarim adana

  2. Dorothy Walker says:

    this is a marvelous building; a gift to the street and welcoming, attractive interior spaces for residents and community users. This building sets a high standard and provides a great model for other community serving housing projects.

  3. "Chimo"Arnold says:

    I agree 100% with every comment above. I love the joyful, rippling effect. The architecture and look are so attractive and refreshing; the building so inviting!

    A great design! Kudos to hermancoliverlocus! 😉

  4. Elizabeth M says:

    How refreshing to see. This building looks like it functions beautifully and efficiently to serve its residents. I especially love the pool and the “green” basketball court.

  5. From the first time I looked at a picture of this building, my reactions were exactly parallel to those of others who’ve commented. Compared to those modern buildings that look as though the architect was merely trying to attract attention, this will be a lasting contribution to the landscape of one of the great cities of the world.

  6. A marvelous and very important building that Sally has deftly explained and revealed in words and pictures. From the artfully reinvented bay window tradition to the miraculous daylighting of the sunken gymnasium, this Center would seem to provide a model for many types of urban housing. It gives new meaning to building green. Bravo Herman Coliver Locus and thank you Sally.

  7. PattyG says:

    The gym and hallways look beautiful I like the color underneath the windows. Great work!!

  8. This is beautiful response to a very progressive program. It is very exciting to see housing of this quality for special needs residents. The hallways say it all.

  9. Morrigan says:

    This is one of those rare buildings that looks great from a number of different angles. Really beautiful.

  10. Lolita says:

    Love the rippling bay windows. Makes me long to live in an architectonically progressive city like SF. Nice work.

  11. nick says:

    this is an awesome building…the architects involved must be some of the most creative and innovative around.

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