Pinole Senior Center

Location: Pinole, California
Design Services: Architecture
Project Type: Community, Senior Center
Architects: Group 4 (Lead Designer: Robin Chiang)
Awards: Honor Award AIA San Mateo County
Facility Design Award California Park and Recreation Society


A nearby railroad station at the edge of the historic center of Pinole suggested the imagery for this new building. The senior center appears to be part railroad station and part mountain lodge.


Robin Chiang, who designed the building and grounds, wanted to acknowledge the city’s past while creating a structure that looked comfortable in a park, appeared welcoming to visitors, encouraged social activity within, and made the most of its solar orientation throughout the year.


The building features traditional roof overhangs, porches, pergolas, patios, low walls, benches, paths and repatriated native plants to encourage visitors to pass through and linger around the rooms and surrounding premises. A neglected creek has been remade into an important feature with the addition of low-maintenance landscaping and a pedestrian bridge.



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