Global Village, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca Global Village

This sketch depicts one neighborhood dedicated to international trade. To the right are large buildings for production and exhibition and to the left are various size residential structures for locals and visitors. It is an exempt zone of Mecca.

Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:  For an international team of planners and architects, Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo) developed the character and appearance of the buildings including:  residential high rise, mid rise and low rise; commercial high rise, mid rise and low rise; convention center; crafts village; visitors center; bus terminal; and transportation facilities. The project comprised the master plan of a new trade zone for the Gulf and a new town for up to a half million residents.

Park Wadi Residential

From the desert landscape, this view looks at the new residential buildings that will house up to 500, 000 people in the proposed new town

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