McClaren Park Water Tower

SFPUC’s proposed replacement for the ageing water tower atop McClaren Park with a contemporary looking design was opposed by the neighbors. Robin Chiang was asked by Friends of McClaren Park and Visitacion Valley Planning Alliance to represent the neighbors in negotiating with SFDPW’s Bureau of Architecture (DPW BOA) who was designing the replacement.

After discussions failed to produce alternatives the community asked Robin & Company (RCCo) to sketch alternatives, shown below, to open further discussion. DPW BOA decided to replace the old tower with an identical looking new one to avoid further conflict.

Existing Water Tower

The existing water tower at McClaren Park

Water Tower Temple

Alt 1 – A simple water tower ringed with columns to look like a water temple

Water Tower Camouflage

Alt 2 – A simple water tower painted in camouflage with trees planted around it

Water Tower with Solar Panels

Alt 3 – A simple water tower with decorative cladding surrounded by columns surmounted by solar panels for lighting

Water Tower with Pilasters

Alt 4 – A simple water tower with pilasters and accessory trellis structures

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