Colma BART Station

Location: Daly City and Colma, California
Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Cost of Project: $110 Million
Design Services: Architecture
Design Team: Architecture – Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo)
Engineering – Kaiser Engineers
Awards: Urban Design Award – American Institute of Architects


The Colma BART Station is located in four community jurisdictions: the unincorporated town of Brentwood, the Town of Colma, the City of Daly City, and San Mateo County. The design had to be approved by representatives of all four jurisdictions.

Colma 3

The station contains an open air bus station providing service to eleven SamTrans bus lines, an endof-the-line BART station with three tracks, an 800 car five story parking structure elevated above a BART train maintenance yard, a 900 foot long pedestrian bridge, and an open air parking lot for 400 cars. The designer, Robin Chiang, resolved to create a station that would impress patrons by being spacious and bright. Discussions about appearance and durability resulted in a hybrid modern parking garage that was deemed visually acceptable by the four jurisdictions while the station interior garnered universal praise. Construction cost for the station was approximately $70 million. Robin Chiang was design architect responsible for 100% of the station design. Work was completed on budget and the station opened on time in 1995.

Colma 6b

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