City Gate at 5th Street & Harrison


Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo) was commissioned by San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of City Greening to develop ideas to mark the entrances to the city. These entrances or City Gates were to be at major vehicle approaches to the city including freeway off ramps. RCCo looked at six sites to demonstrate what could be done with minimal changes and limited budget. The city would find corporate sponsors for each City Gate. One site was well within the city limits at an off ramp from I-80 at 5th & Harrison Streets. For this site, RCCo considered visibility for drivers, security for pedestrians and vertical elements to mark the place. This included removing most of the existing vegetation near the intersection and planting ground cover. Taller shrubs would be retained further up the ramp. The geometry of the off ramp suggested locating 5 palms and 4 ornamental street lights. A sponsor kiosk was proposed. New street trees would follow the city standard for the neighborhood. Construction started in 2011.

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