City Edge and National Park, Mecca


Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo) was commissioned by EDAW to help plan a new town of 500,000 people near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and to develop distinct architectural character for each of its districts. This sketch above shows a district with a variety of housing at the city’s edge with roads and gondolas leading into a new national park and various recreational oases. RCCo researched and developed themes for the national park including the repatriation of endangered Saudi wildlife. RCCo created guidelines for this district to emphasize its urban character.

National Park Mountain Funicular

A Funicular glides through the beautiful landscape connecting the new town, National Park and mountains beyond

Mecca Park Botanical Garden

In another area on the outskirts of Mecca, a Botanical Garden is proposed

Picnic Area at the National Park

A Picnic Area evoking a traditional Arabian ‘encampment’ highlights a park with a desert environment

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