Cargo Way/Bay Trail Conceptual Design Study

Location: Cargo Way, San Francisco, California
Sponsor: Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
Design Services: Urban Planning
Project Type: Master Plan, Redevelopment, Streetscape
Design Team: Planner – Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo)
Planner – Livable City
Lead Agency – San Francisco Redevelopment Agency


In 2006, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) coordinating with the Port of San Francisco (Port) received a grant from the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to study improving a segment of the Bay Trail along Cargo Way in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. These Agencies selected Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo) to lead a consulting team to envision a conceptual design and prepare a report documenting the design process. All parties involved collaborated to bring about discussions of design strategies with the community and other stakeholders in Bayview Hunters Point.


In addition to addressing the overriding goal of making this industrial boulevard safe and attractive for pedestrians and cyclists while ensuring that it serves the City’s cargo and freight transportation needs, RCCo also integrated these other opportunities in the report for transforming Cargo Way:

  • Improve a three-quarter mile strip of the regional Bay Trail and San Francisco’s Blue Greenway linking the Illinois Street Bridge to Heron’s Head Park.
  • Provide better access to existing open space at Heron’s Head Park and Islais Creek.
  • Create a continuous greenway from to Islais Creek to the India Basin Shoreline open spaces including Heron’s Head Park that takes advantage of the required landscaped setbacks that currently exist along Cargo Way on its south side.
  • Create an attractive entryway into Bayview Hunters Point, India Basin Industrial Park and the Port’s Pier 90-96 and Backlands
  • Apply concepts for basic improvements such as street trees, curb ramps, etc. that are consistent with the new Better Streets Plan (BSP) for San Francisco.
  • Create a model of sustainable, green streetscape design in an industrial area that can guide the design of subsequent parts of the Bay Trail and Blue Greenway.
  • Design landscaping for the filtering and treatment of storm flows using Sustainable Stormwater Guidelines and Best Management Practices (BMP) established by the SFPUC.


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