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Like Holloway Terrace (discussed previously), Parkview Commons, developed by Bridge Housing, Inc., provides low and moderate income families the opportunity for first-time home ownership. The 114 units were classified as permanently affordable, meaning that their price cannot change in response to changing real estate markets.

Located in the Haight/Ashbury district and designed by David Baker + Partners with landscaping by OMI Lang, the project was completed in 1990.

Parkview Commons occupies the site of the former San Francisco Polytechnic High School. Although most of the school buildings were demolished, the gymnasiums were preserved in response to public action and converted to recreational uses.


As shown in the site plan, the 2.6-acre site bounded by Arguello Blvd and Carl, Frederick and Willard Sts., has two east-west service streets lined with private garages. A curved pedestrian walkway also cuts through the property.


Multi-unit flats, including those for the handicapped, face the streets


Mid-block cottages are entered from interior courts.

Most of the dwellings have one or two bedrooms, but seventy-two have three or four bedrooms.


The buildings follow the hillside, stepping down the slope from Carl to Frederick Street.

The buildings follow the hillside, steping down the slope from Carl to Frederick Street.


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Circulation is provided by north-south stairways that cross landscaped interior courtyards. One courtyard has a small playground located next to one of the two gymnasiums that were preserved when the site was cleared.

Parkview Commons is a striking example of how well designed site-planning can contribute to the quality of dense urban neighborhoods. Both the landscaping and the variety of buildings create the ambiance of a hillside village without disrupting the area’s existing character.


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  1. when there are fund raising events in our community, i always see to it that i participate in it .,:

  2. Bruce says:

    What a beautiful partnership, hopefully that this early good history will happen again this year and in the near future.

  3. Mike Meltzer says:

    Hi, Good Luck

  4. johnny hernandez says:

    in regards to the Holloway Terrace properties, can you provide me with the name of the current HOA? I have some information concerning vandalism and dumping that they should be interested in.Thanks for any help

  5. Jean Valadon says:

    What a beautiful partnership, hopefully that this early good history will happen again this year and in the near future.

  6. Dorothy Walker says:

    The excellent photos illustrate how BRIDGE has led the way demonstrating that high quality architecture and contextual design can be achieved with affordability. This is an inspiring story of the visionaries whose social conscience, commitment and leadership have contributed so much to the bay area.

  7. Alan Stein says:

    You have written an excellent description of the early days of BRIDGE. given the limited length available. I congratulate you on grabbing the essence of BRIDGE’s creation.

    Best wishes, Alan Stein

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