Castro Valley BART Station

Location: Castro Valley, California
Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Design Services: Architecture
Project Type: Rail, Transportation Stations
Cost of Project: $23 million
Design Team: Architecture – Robin Chiang, Neil Nott, Thomas Pan, David Sturges
Landscape Architecture – Haygood & Associates


The Castro Valley station has its platform located in the highway median above an underground concourse. The underground concourse is connected to the station entrance by an excavated tunnel that is as short as possible and opens onto a small plaza in the shape of an amphitheater. The entrance is conveniently located for access to AC Transit bus service and attended automobiles.


During the planning stage, the community of Castro Valley expressed a desire for a historical tone and cited a cherished veteran’s memorial building. Residents admitted that the town had lost most of its historic structures. The station’s designer, Robin Chiang, developed an architecture that suggested a history of building and rebuilding over a long time period. By adapting architectural treatments from different societies and eras into the contemporary components of a BART station he created a design that looked and felt familiar from opening day on.

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2 Responses

  1. Robin Chiang says:

    It’s been 16 years so I don’t recall all the specifics. The flooring had to be durable, cost effective and slip resistant. The stained concrete flooring has a broom finish with, in some areas, decomposed granite that was broadcast over the poured concrete. Thanks for asking.


  2. mark says:

    Am in the architecture industry myself and I use the station everyday. I notice the unique finish of the concrete paving. It has very small black pebbles. What is this concrete finish called and how do i specify it? What material are those small black pebbles? I like it very much, very simple and functional. Thanks for any help.


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