4th & Brannan MUNI Station

Location: San Francisco, California
Client: (SFMTA)
Design Services: Architecture
Project Type: Rail, Transportation Stations
Cost of Project: $4.5 Million
Design Team Architect – Robin Chiang & Company
Prime & Systems Engineering – HNTB B&C Joint Venture

4th Brannan Far West Perspective

Robin Chiang & Company (RCCo) was Architect for the new weather protected surface station for SFMTA (MUNI) light rail extension in the center of the right of way on 4th Street. The design of the 4th & Brannan surface station is based on SFMTA’s 3rd Street Light Rail stations, but updated with more efficient lighting and simplification of canopy details. RCCo also coordinated for the public art component at this station.

4th Brannan Elevation


4th Brannan South Perspective

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