350 Mission Street


Since the 350 Mission Street building has not yet been constructed, some history of the project is in order.

GLL Properties acquired the property in January 2006 and planned to develop it in 2010 or 2011, depending on the receipt of entitlements scheduled for October 2010. David Wall , President of GLL development and management, said that they would need at least a 50 per cent commitment from a tenant in order to continue the development process.

Since no crystal ball exists to allow developers to see whether a project can take place within the ascending curve of an economic arc, the chances of that happening depend on unknown factors.  It is not surprising that a project such as the one for 350 Mission Street was given a preliminary design, yet one wonders why such a comprehensive design emphasizing potentially costly energy-saving elements occurred as economic uncertainty grew.

In response to this question, David Wall said that the firm was committed to innovative environmentally responsible design and considered it to be a necessary part of the project whenever it might come on line.

Environmental activism, typically promoted in past decades by non-profit organizations, has now been embraced by the country’s corporate world. Today, Wall said, there is a competitive advantage to building “green” that will increase.

Since the area around 350 Mission St. was slated for dramatic change with the construction of the Transbay Terminal and related projects, there was an added incentive to developing projects oriented to the future and not the status quo.

Wall favored hiring local architects, and in SOM’s Craig Hartman he said he found someone who both listened attentively to his ideas and transformed them into a design that surpassed his visions.

It is difficult to imagine this design losing traction in the future. And though the future is not predictable, David Wall is determined that if the fate of the 350 Mission Street design is up to him, what we see here is what we’ll get.

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