350 Mission Street

The building’s 60-foot-high ground floor has glass walls on three sides. The two walls that meet at Mission and Fremont Sts. are each cantilevered 30 feet to form a see-through corner. Operable glass doors set in the wall allow the building to open up at this corner, weather permitting, to create a public plaza. The ground floor lobby, garage entrance, and other public areas occupy this space.

View looking west on Mission St. showing the ground floor with the corner open

View of the lobby as a plaza open to the street. Seating will be provided on the stairway that ascends from the lobby to a café on the garage entrance roof.

While many people walk through the lobbies of downtown office buildings, few of them would consider spending their spare time in one. The designers of the 350 Mission St. building’s lobby/public plaza have added such  enticements to linger in the lobby as benches made from the wooden piles of a former structure. As a somewhat playful, literally creepy note, these benches will be set in narrow channels and motorized so that they can move slowly across the floor. The hope is that this movement will facilitate casual meetings and conversations, not collisions.

An elliptical transparent pavilion with four levels will occupy the east corner of the site on Mission St. It will house conference and private dining space.

Ground floor plan showing the elliptical pavilion, lower right

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